My New Blogging Mantra

Hi there children. I have set up my mind on doing a few things differently around here. It all comes down to something I have to confess: I hate blogging... I simply don't like it. I suffer from major impostor syndrome. Every time I write a word I feel like… »

Why does my code look like spaggetti?

Image from I recently received an email from a fan asking a question: Hi Omar, I'm learning to code. However, it gets really difficult after the 100th line. When I pick it up again, I have to spend about an hour trying to understand everything. What can… »

[AngularJS] ui-router bit me

Quick note for future me: Never name a state in your $stateProvider with the same name as a module. You will be tempted to... but stuff will stop working.. Symptoms: No errors. The template you define in the templateUrl will be fetched! but won't be displayed. You will have a… »

Just. Learn. Sass.

CSS sucks. I believe Douglas Crockford tells it best as describing CSS as a "Long, fragile lists of self-contradictory rules." However, there's a way to make this aweful experience a bit better. This is through Sass. This is a CSS like syntax with an extended functionality , focus on DRYness and… »

Keeping Your Code Dry For Dummies

Writting code is not an easy task. There is a different paths to take that could lead you to the same result, however, the quality of what you write varies GREATLY depending on the approach that you decided to take. There's a philosophy that most proficient software developers as one… »