My New Blogging Mantra

Hi there children.

I have set up my mind on doing a few things differently around here. It all comes down to something I have to confess:

I hate blogging...

I simply don't like it. I suffer from major impostor syndrome. Every time I write a word I feel like someone with a PhD and the attitude of your average 4chan user will come by and say that I'm wrong!

So I'm building another mantra about blogging... It has to be fun!.

I believe that his way I'm going to not be pressured in doing the most accurate, most scientifically correct info with the least amount of grammatical errors. I won't be afraid to make mistakes, so I would be able to write more and more. This doesn't mean that I still don't have to focus on writing quality content, it will just help me push out more content and get better with practice. You know, like every Jedi requires training.

Why this helps? Well, I know that at least someone had a laugh and it won't be a total waste of time for them. I understand that time is of the essence a lot of people, and the power of a smile is something that should never be undervalued.

I also don't understand something.



Why does everything has to be so serious? Why does everything has to be explained in the most frivolous and obscure way possible?

It's 2015. Let meritocracy lead the way. Keeping things simple for a broader audience will only help the flow of information transition faster into other people's brains.


Dad Omar

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