Skype or Facetime show 'no camera detected'

Quit out of Skype or Facetime or other application that you're trying to use. Open the terminal Type in sudo killall vdcassistant Type in your password Bookmark this post. You will end up doing this a few times :).… »

Stuff every Junior Developer should know

Hack Reactor usually invites special guests to talk about interesting tech related topics. One of these guest was npm's CTO Laurie Voss. Instead of talking about npm's architecture, or some rarely known bug they found in express.js, Laurie's presentation focused on stuff that junior developers should know before starting… »

N-Queens in 140 characters

Have you heard of n-queens? It's one of the most exiting algorithms out there. It basically answers the questions, how many queens would fit in an n x n board without have the queens interfere with each other, i.e. no vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line-of-sight between queens. There's a… »

Books and video are overrated, teach with slides

I've been trying to learn how to code in JavaScript for about 3 months now. I've tried pretty much everything. Books on Javascript, Codeschool, Codecademy, lectures, etc. They all fail short when trying to explain hard concepts. Hard concepts are best explained when: Starting with a summarised description Show examples… »