Stuff every Junior Developer should know

Hack Reactor usually invites special guests to talk about interesting tech related topics. One of these guest was npm's CTO Laurie Voss. Instead of talking about npm's architecture, or some rarely known bug they found in express.js, Laurie's presentation focused on stuff that junior developers should know before starting their first job.

He did this by asking his Twitter followers directly. "What do you think every developer should know, but not everyone knows?" and he got a myriad of responses that went all across the board. His presentation covered the responses of other tech leads, his own advices, and jokes... lots of them.

UPDATE: Presentation Video is now up

After his presentation was done, every student was left with an "OMG, I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING!" expression on their face. For that reason, I decided to gather links to resources related to the topics presented and put them in a list. Structuring a clear roadmap for any Junior Developer that is currently on working on becoming a more proficient 'web' developer.

You can find the list in this this Github It is open to everyone to fork, enhance, and contribute.

Thanks to Laurie Voss for the presentation and Hack Reactor for hosting!

I recommend going directly into the repository where the list is hosted for better formatting.

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